DefenceSynergia (DS) has spent the latter half of 2023 re-evaluating the UK's Strategic Defence Position. In doing so, we have considered existential threats and the conclusions HMG/MOD has made in the 2023 Integrated Review (Refresh) in the light of international events: Russian invasion of Ukraine -Chinese Communist Party (CCP) stance over its arbitrary 'Nine Dash Line' – rejected by the UN -Iranian belligerence against Western and Israeli interests in ME -North Korean belligerence towards South Korea, Japan and USA -Israel v Hamas conflict; threats and operations in Darfur, Yemen, Kosovo.

Readiness, Responsiveness, Resilience, Regeneration and Capacity The Elephant in the Room for the United Kingdom Strategic Defence and Security Review.

DefenceSynergia Input to The Right Honourable James Heappey MP Minister of State for the Armed Forces - 2023 Defence Command Paper.

Deterrence Writ Large.